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LVT Flooring & grout: What to know

We are often asked whether it's necessary to grout vinyl tile flooring, and the answer is no. But, while it isn't required, it is a chosen option for many homeowners.

Grouting LVT offers excellent benefits that will serve you in any room, with functionality and beauty in the same product result. Here are some facts that will make choosing your best flooring options easier.

Grout and vinyl tile flooring products

Grout is most often associated with porcelain and ceramic tile products, but we can also easily use it in other applications. There are plenty of benefits for you to enjoy when you grout your luxury vinyl tile products.

While grouting does make the installation process longer, it adds excellent visual appeal and stability to the flooring materials. If you want to add a little something extra, consider colored grouts to accentuate your existing décor.

The impressive benefits of luxury vinyl tile materials

When you choose these floors, you'll gain the beauty you've come to expect from the product line, especially with the suitable grout. But the materials also offer exceptional scratch, stain, scuff, and dent protection, thanks to a customizable protective layer.

You’ll also enjoy complete waterproof protection, so shop for the best luxury vinyl tile match for your requirements and preferences. We’re ready to begin when you are, so stop by today.

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