Should I care about hardwood flooring species?

Should I care about hardwood flooring species?

Each wood species used to craft floor planks has different characteristics, and for maximum satisfaction with your new floor, it's best to know as much as possible about each one.

So you won't be overwhelmed by all the choices when you shop at PG Long, a hardwood flooring company with seven showrooms in the Pacific Northwest. Instead, our flooring specialists can help you find the best species for your home.


If you research the attributes of wood flooring species before you go to the store, you may be able to save time by creating a 'yes' and 'no' list rather than a 'maybe' list.

For example, it's helpful to know that widespread red oak is available in many hues, including pink, and in fact, it's usually lighter in color than white oak. Likewise, if you're going to stain the planks, you may prefer a wood species known for accepting stains well.

Grain patterns

The type of grain pattern influences the look of wood flooring and its color. Most simply, some grain patterns are wavy while others are straight, and some are bold while others are subtle.

In addition, wood cuts, including plain, quarter, rift, and live sawn, influence the look of the grain pattern, and a light stain accentuates that pattern while a darker stain tends to hide it.

Janka rating

Janka hardness ratings give you a precise measurement of the hardness of each wood species and, thus, a way to measure the durability of each type of wood flooring. Exotic hardwoods tend to be harder than domestic hardwoods, but they are more costly, too.

Cherry and walnut are soft hardwoods best for low-traffic areas in the home, while hickory, maple, and oak are suitable for high-traffic areas.

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