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Restore your life and rebuild for a better lifespan

If you have water damage, you will require specialists to clean, repair, remodel, and rebuild at some point. Of course, restoring properties due to natural damage must be carried out in a timely manner. Our services are set to help you reach someone in a timely manner to attend to the issue quickly while looking great for as long as possible.

Property restoration basics and more

Property damage can occur in a number of ways, but it is most often the result of excess water. This is because the source of water damage can be so many different things, including natural causes like rainstorms, and internal property issues like pipe bursts.

When such occurrences happen, the water will quickly spread and cause damage, as porous building materials and furnishings absorb the excess water and moisture in your property. The more they absorb, the more damage they will suffer. Within enough time, the affected materials like flooring will become warped or rotted, and possibly affected by mold growth. Because of this, it’s crucial to immediately remediate any water damage that your home or business has sustained.

Explore what we can do to help restore property damage

When you’re ready for the services your property needs, be sure to call PG Long at any of our 7 locations across the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find our offices in Portland, Medford, Springfield, and Bend, OR; Boise, ID; and Kennewick, WA, serving the areas of Portland, OR, Boise, ID, Bend, OR, Springfield, OR, Medford, OR, Salem, OR, Kennewick, WA, Eugene OR, and Southwest WA. We invite you to contact us to take advantage of our expertise and services.

Don’t wait. It may be too late when it comes to property damage due to water, fire, wind, and mold. There’s nothing as important as getting your property back to normal. There is no damage that we can’t manage. Our dedication to helping you is our highest priority. We offer the most up to date equipment and cleaning supplies, so your peace of mind is ensured. Be sure to check with us when disaster strikes and damages your property.