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Vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice for your home

As you search for the perfect material for your flooring remodel, be sure to consider sheet vinyl flooring. These materials offer outstanding benefits that will be helpful in every room, from bathrooms to bedrooms. In addition, with professional installation, you'll enjoy up to 20 years of lifespan.

Taking the time to learn more about these materials is a great way to find the perfect products. Then, consider the characteristics of this flooring line with your list of requirements and preferences. You want to see a match that can quickly meet your needs.

Stunning beauty that lasts

One of the things you might love best about sheet vinyl products is their extensive selection of visual components. These materials make it easier to match décor schemes with colors, styles, and visuals that mimic natural materials. Choose floors that look like stone, wood, and porcelain tile for impressive looks that last.

Moreover, you can look for trends that will keep you current. Wood and stone looks are always timeless and popular, including whitewashed wood looks and products that resemble marble. Spend time with a specialist while you're here to learn more about all the available trends.

Floor durability is important

You should know that when installed professionally, vinyl flooring can be 100% waterproof, even in flood conditions, taking on no water damage at all. These floors stand up so well to dampness, humidity, moisture, and spills, even in high-traffic areas. No matter how often these floors come in contact with liquid, they’ll maintain their integrity and good looks.

You'll also find a significant dent, scratch, scuff, and stain resistance, with features you can customize to best fit your needs. A lack of seams makes these floors even more durable since nothing can penetrate the flooring and lodge beneath. A professional installation can give you vinyl flooring lifespans of up to 20 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of this floor covering.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Kennewick, WA from PG Long

Let us create your new vinyl floors

At PG Long, we offer all the products and services necessary for your remodeling needs. We pride ourselves on extensive product knowledge, installation expertise, floor cleaning, and unrivaled restoration.

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