Portland homeowner cleaning their vinyl plank floors

Best cleaning options for luxury vinyl flooring

When choosing luxury vinyl flooring, you’ll find the surfaces are easy to clean. This ease of cleaning is excellent news for those who want easy maintenance for their new flooring.

But how do you know which cleaning methods and tools are best for your chosen floors? Here are some tips that can help with that.

Choose non-scratch cleaning tools

In many situations, a simple, soft dust mop is excellent for cleaning up light dust or loose debris, especially if you have pets. In addition, there are plenty of products to choose from that offer non-scratch pads and attachments that keep your vinyl plank flooring looking great.

Micro-fiber mops are another fantastic choice that allows you to mop without leaving residue. Check your manufacturer's recommendations for specific product matching, or contact us for more information.

Choose the best cleaners and solutions

When choosing cleaners, pick non-abrasive solutions that fit your flooring manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, we can give tips on which cleaners are best and options you can choose from your cupboards for your luxury vinyl flooring.

For some spills, you'll only need a damp cloth and immediate attention to avoid mopping and scrubbing altogether. It's best to keep materials on reserve for such occasions, especially if you have children or pets.

Also, we recommend staying away from steam cleaning at all times. While these floors are 100% waterproof, the pressure and heat are detrimental to your flooring.

Call us with your floor cleaning questions

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