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Carpet cleaning and repair for a long lifespan

If you have carpet flooring, you will eventually require carpet cleaning and repair at some point. Of course, cleaning and maintenance must be carried out regularly, while repairs are necessary on an “as needed” basis. Both services work together to help your carpeting reach its intended lifespan while looking great for as long as possible.

Carpet cleaning basics and more

In homes with average traffic levels, you can expect to professionally clean your carpets at least once every twelve to eighteen months. More traffic usually necessitates cleaning more often, and less traffic means you can go a bit longer. Of course, spot cleaning spills or small messes as needed are necessary to keep stains and dinginess to a minimum.

Regular daily cleaning is usually required, such as vacuuming, especially in spaces that get multiple lines of repetitive daily traffic. To keep your carpets even cleaner in between professional services, be sure to utilize runners or area rugs in super busy spaces, to catch and trap much of the debris tracked into and through your home. These rugs are easy to take up and remove for cleaning outside the home.

Carpet repair is also required on an “as necessary” basis, and each situation is unique. When you need any repair, be sure to contact us to discuss the facts about the situation and decide the best method to move forward with your repair. We’ll let you know what you can expect, and give you the service you need, from start to finish, for excellent results.
Carpet Cleaning & Repair from PG Long

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When you’re ready for the services your floors need, be sure to visit PG Long at any of our 6 locations across the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find our showrooms in Portland, Medford, Springfield, Salem, and Bend, OR; Boise, ID; and Kennewick, WA, serving the areas of Portland, OR, Boise, ID, Bend, OR, Springfield, OR, Medford, OR, Salem, OR, Kennewick, WA, Eugene, OR, && Vancouver, WA. We invite you to visit us to take advantage of all of our materials and services at your convenience.

There’s nothing as important as maintaining your floors, and we are dedicated to all the services that keep your flooring in top condition. We offer all the most up-to-date equipment and cleaning supplies, so your peace of mind is ensured. Be sure to check with us for your carpet repair or cleaning.