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Important information for multifamily property management

If you own rental homes, apartment complexes, condominiums, or clubhouses, chances are you're going to need the assistance of qualified multifamily property management flooring services. When tenants move, the time between their departure and bringing in another renter or client could depend on how quickly the floors are brought back to a like-new condition. The good news is, our dedication to your project will get the results you require, so be sure to contact us for all the services you need right away.

Services specifically for property management

Property managers have the daunting task of ensuring properties are thoroughly ready for the next tenant every time a client or renter moves. Flooring options alone call for a great deal of your time, and we know that time is money. Having a dedicated property management flooring company can be the peace of mind that brings everything together.
We will come out to your residential or commercial location for all your flooring needs, including cleaning, repairs, replacement, and more. You shouldn’t have the hassles and challenges that can often come with this task when we can take care of everything from start to finish. Flooring plays a huge role in your property's feel and function, and any of these essential services, when left unattended, can be much harder to correct.

We remove the challenge by arriving on location with all the necessary materials, products, tools, and dedication. We also handle any sub-floor repairs and used flooring recycling, where available. If you’d like to discuss the option to add our company to your list of trusted professionals, feel free to contact us today.

Let us provide the perfect flooring services

PG Long has 7 branch offices in Portland, Medford, Springfield, and Bend, OR; Boise, ID; and Kennewick, WA to serve the areas of Portland, OR, Boise, ID, Bend, OR, Springfield, OR, Medford, OR, Salem, OR, Kennewick, WA, Eugene, OR, Vancouver, WA, && Tri-Cities, WA. We have a reputation throughout the Northwest as a leader in customer solutions for those who own and manage multifamily assets. We offer one of the most extensive inventories, but we offer options that keep prices affordable for residential and commercial spaces.

We also provide floor cleaning, flooring installation, and other services that help move your project along. Our professionalism shows our attention to detail and our desire to foster long-term relationships for assistance when you need it. Be sure to contact us for all the information on the flooring services we provide for multifamily property management.
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