Vinyl sheet flooring in a contemporary dining room in Portland, OR

Does vinyl sheet flooring need to acclimate?

Sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for many homeowners, thanks to extensive visual options, durability, and an incredible lifespan. But as you search for the perfect vinyl for your floors, you may have heard about the need for acclimation.

Luxury vinyl products often perform best if acclimated before installation. But sheet vinyl products do not require acclimation for the best results, and here are some facts that will help you understand why.

No acclimation necessary

Any floor covering is acclimated to prevent expansion and contraction as temperatures and weather conditions change. But vinyl flooring covers an average-sized room with a single sheet, so expansion and contraction are not an issue.

This option can shave several days off installation when acclimation isn’t necessary. The faster installation means you'll be walking on your floors sooner, with attractive options that serve you for years to come.

Finding your vinyl flooring services

It's essential to choose the best products that fit your visual, performance, and lifespan needs, whether in a single room or the entire home. This product line offers attractive appearance options you might not find in any other product line.

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