What hardwood flooring species are native to the Pacific Northwest?

What hardwood flooring species are native to the Pacific Northwest?

If you want wood flooring and live in the Pacific Northwest, you might consider species native to your area. There are many benefits to choosing a native species, and you'll want to know more about them.

These choices make it easy to find the perfect materials for your upcoming remodel. Here are some native woods you can consider as you get ready to shop.

California Laurel

This hardwood choice is noted for colors like gray, cream, cocoa, and slate blue, offering impressive sophistication. Unfortunately, this flooring rarely uses stains, although it holds them well.

You’ll find plenty of solid hardwood flooring that is more durable than this one but avoid trying to compensate with thicker coatings. Be sure to ask about the perfect placement for this material.

Oregon Ash

Ash is a beautiful choice, with colors ranging from white to yellow to gray and brown. Unfortunately, the tree has a short lifespan that results in a stunning marbled effect as it decays from the inside out.

Grains are regular and straight, although curly options are sometimes available. The right stain color can mimic oak flooring in many ways.

Oregon White Oak

This wood flooring is known for its durability and distinct grain pattern that offers amber, wheat, chocolate, and cream tones. They bring a stunning natural look to even the most modern styles but blend well with any décor scheme.

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