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Carpet Care: Getting the most life out of your carpet

Your carpets are an investment, and replacing your carpet can be a hassle. We have cleaned and replaced thousands of floors and are here to share the habits of homeowners that get the most longevity and life out of their carpet.    

  • 1. Regular Vacuuming. It sounds simple, but vacuuming is one of the key factors in keeping your carpets from experiencing excess wear and tear. A high-quality vacuum that will remove dirt, dust, and pet hair that can damage the carpet. Think of it this way- the debris stuck in your carpet can act like sandpaper and rub against the carpet fibers. This will fray the carpet and give it the “fuzzy” look of an old carpet.
  • 2. Watch what you track in. Now that we know that built up dirt can damage carpet fibers, we must be mindful of what we track in. This means to make sure to always take your shoes off upon entering your home. Not only do shoes wear out carpet and track in dirt, but they push any dirt already on the carpet further in. By the same token, entry mats are an effective and cost-sensitive way to limit the amount of dirt and debris that enter your home. Place a mat at any entry point and vacuum them out often. These mats may get beat up, thankfully, they are a lot easier to replace than your carpet!
  • 3. Rotate your furniture. You’ve probably been there- you go to move a heavy piece of oak furniture and are left with “indents” in the carpet due to the legs. You rub it, brush it, and vacuum it, but cannot seem to make the carpet rise fully. This is because heavy furniture can compress and damage carpet fibers, the longer it is left in the same place the harder the indents are to hide. We suggest rotating your furniture or using furniture coasters to help evenly distribute the weight and limit damage.
  • 4. Avoid Excess Moisture. Moisture can cause mold, and mildew growth, weaken carpet backing, and lead to odors. In fact, many experts refer to moisture as a “carpets worst enemy” as it is known to cause irreversible damage. It generally becomes an issue when it is left untreated, which is why it is important to clean up spills quickly. Use an absorbent towel and pat the area dry. Try to avoid rubbing the spill area as this will just spread the spill further into the carpet. Another important aspect is to have good ventilation. After you clean a spill, it is best to leave a window open for more airflow.

As mentioned earlier, entry mats are a great way to limit the amount of moisture we drag on our carpets. If you live in the Northwest, you understand the rainy winters and springs, which makes it even harder not to track moisture in on our shoes. By the same token, dry off your pets before they enter the house. These seemingly small efforts have been proven to reduce the moisture that we track on to our carpets.

  • 5. Invest in Professional Maintenance. Professional carpet cleaners, like Pg Long, have the equipment and solutions to remove deep stains and odors. We recommend having your carpets cleaned at least once a year for maintenance, and more if you have pets or have experienced staining. Take a look below at some of our carpet cleaning work, including removing stains and protecting the integrity of the carpet.

Before and After carpet work

Before and after carpet work by PG Long

All things considered, by establishing a carpet cleaning routine based on your household’s needs and following the tips provided in this guide we are confident you will get the most life and longevity out of your carpets. If you have any concerns about your carpets, our professionals are ready to help so that you may enjoy both the style and comfort of your floors for years to come.

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