LVP flooring installation in a Portland, OR home

Vinyl plank over concrete: Is it possible?

Vinyl plank floors are an excellent choice for every room in your home, offering visual and performance benefits that serve you well. There are many considerations when choosing these materials, including proper subfloor placement.

Is vinyl flooring a good choice for installing over concrete? Here are some things to consider if you have a concrete subfloor in your home.

Preparation is vital

It's easy to install luxury vinyl over concrete if the surface has been adequately prepared for the materials. The first step is to ensure a smooth, level surface and vacuum free of contaminants and debris.

Vinyl plank subfloor preparation will depend on the installation method, as each is different. Glue down, floating, and loose-lay vinyl all mean something different for subfloor preparation.

Let's talk about underlayment

A proper underlayment is also crucial to the best long-term performance when concrete is involved. Some products come with an attached underlay, which means this part of the process is already done for you.

But an added underlay should match your needs, especially as a moisture barrier. It's also responsible for noise reduction, warmth, and added comfort.

What about floating floors

Floating floors are an excellent choice for vinyl plank floors, which allows you to walk on the materials as soon as the installation is finished. It’s a great way to get the fastest installation with the best results possible.

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